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Florence BJJ's Hunter Hamilton Wins at SFC 35

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We're extremely proud to share that Hunter "The Hitman" Hamilton, who has trained at Florence BJJ for three years, won his fifth competition on August 1, 2020 at Summit Fighting Championships 35 in Tupelo, Mississippi. This was his sixth career MMA fight and fifth win. After a streak of four wins, Hunter lost his previous bout at B3.

Hunter has emerged victorious each time he's entered the SFC ring, but this win was particularly sweet. At SFC 35 he faced an opponent with three times the bouts under his belt. Bantamweight Nathan Gilmore's record was 11-5-0 going in, compared to Hunter's 5-1-0.

"This was a comeback fight," Hunter says. "I was a fun fight, too. I dropped him three times."

Hunter has competed in MMA championships, jiu jitsu tournaments, and wrestling matches since he was 16 years old, despite a six-month hiatus when he was 17.

"I got into a really bad wreck," Hunter explains. "I was driving tired and fell asleep, and when I woke up I was going 70 miles an hour and drifting off the road. I overcorrected and the truck rolled about 10 times. I wasn't wearing a seat belt, but I hung on to the steering wheel. About halfway through the roll I was sucked out the driver's window. I broke my L3, messed up my leg, and lost a lot of mobility. I missed two weeks of school and after that I just crutched it around. I was able to come back to training after about five months and went on a competition spree a month later."

Hunter's spree isn't over. In October he'll compete in his second title fight at the Alabama Fighting Championship in Albertville, Alabama. It's all part of 19-year-old Hunter's grand plan.

"The UFC is my dream."

We think he'll make it! Proud of you, Hunter!

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